IT Kontrakt specializes in outsourcing of IT personnel. We have many years of experience in creating IT expert teams for the most prestigious IT projects in the key sectors of economy. Thanks to the high effectiveness of operating and partner approach towards the Customers, we gained the confidence of the largest banks, financial, insurance, computer and telecommunication companies.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR EXPECTATIONS. WE WILL MEET THEM AND OFFER YOU AN INTERESTING JOB AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. IT Kontrakt team consists of more than 1200 IT professionals implementing IT projects throughout the country and abroad. We perform a role of Manager for our IT experts in the labour market, we offer them the best projects, and thus – we offer satisfying financial and social conditions. We put emphasis on assurance of continuous development for our associates, by organizing conferences and trainings. The company policy is the patronage over each of the specialists. A patron from IT Kontrakt introduces the new specialist to work and takes care of all formal issues connected with cooperation.