May 18-20, 2016 Warsaw, Poland

Alice Bartlett

Alice is the platform lead for the Origami team at the Financial Times. She is based in London.

Origami is a collection of ui elements and web services to help developers at the FT create performant, accessible and consistent websites. Origami is used in over 50 products at the FT, from the FT's new site to its HTML5 web app, to its B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. The Origami team maintains about 40 front-end modules and 5 web services. The monthly traffic for Origami's services is over 1.5 billion hits, mostly handled by Akamai.

Previously Alice has worked at the Government Digital Service, BERG, Assanka and IBM. Alice is also the founder of lady bung empowerment franchise,

Can't you make it more like bootstrap?

Friday, 14:25

  • Frameworks

Origami is the Financial Times' front end components system. It aspires to create a unified style and experience for FT websites, and make web development at the FT faster.

This talk will be a walk through Origami, with its key parts described in contrast with other similar components systems and pattern libraries created elsewhere. An alternative talk title could be “Things Origami could learn from other design systems”

I'll look at the methodologies for deciding what gets to be a component, and compare this to more pattern-library type approaches (such as atomic-design). I'll look at how various teams have approached documentation and talk about why Origami does this badly and how we can improve it. I'll compare how Origami handles delivery of its components to browsers, and contrast it to how other places such as GDS and Lonely Planet have approached this.

By the end of the talk, the listener should understand a bit about how large companies like the FT deal with Front-End development at scale, and they will hopefully have some ideas about Front-End architectures to take back to their own worlds.

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