May 18-20, 2016 Warsaw, Poland

Sally Jenkinson

Freelance technical consultant, comic book fan, and an Xbox player

Sally Jenkinson is a consultant and digital solutions architect based in the UK, who, through her company Records Sound the Same, helps businesses from big to small with their discovery, planning, and strategic digital decisions.

Starting out as a back-end developer and working her way to Head of Technology at a global digital agency, she most enjoyed working alongside UX designers in order to complement their work with a technical focus. This merging of UX-focus and technical principles is what drives her work today, helping clients to understand what they need, they choices they have, and how to technically make these happen. Central to this are Sally's views of responsibly using technology to enhance experiences, improving older systems and processes through transformation work, and talking about technical things in a way that isn’t scary or boring to her clients.

Sally is also an author, keen gamer, and overenthusiastic jasmine tea drinker.

Working with the web and the future

Wednesday, 11:20

  • Future of the Web
  • User Experience

As web professionals we’re used to hearing about the virtues of shipping fast and iterating regularly in order to meet changing needs, but how do we ensure that the projects that we’re planning now are still as relevant and robust when they launch in the future… and beyond? How do we prepare for the unknowns and constant shifts in technology; what can we do to progress the evolution of the web itself; how do we, as individuals, ensure that our skills are as relevant as ever in this rapidly changing world?

In this talk we’ll look at why the future is important, plus past visions of the future, including those from the world of science fiction. We'll explore what we can learn from these lessons, and how to apply this in a practical sense to the work that we do.

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