May 18-20, 2016 Warsaw, Poland

Szymon Kaliski

Coder, designer, artist, musician. Creates interactive, audiovisual installations

Szymon is a freelance creative technologist and audiovisual artist. He designs and implements works at the intersection of data, code and art. His projects range from data visualizations, through interactive applications, to generative artworks, experimental tools, and recently, flow-based visual programming languages.

Szymon explores projects with a multidisciplinary approach, from polyglot programming, sketching visual prototypes and interactions directly from code.

Aside from programming, he creates ambient, experimental music, using mostly self-made hardware and software. He also builds interactive art pieces, gives talks, and leads workshops on creative technology.

Exploring the Universal Library

Friday, 10:10

  • Data Visualization
  • Internet of Things

This talk will explore languages, programming, tools, and complicated connections between all of them. We will try to look at expanding possibilities that current technology gives us, with focus on new areas and uses for programming. We'll approach language not only as a tool for creative expression, but also constraint on the way we think.

We'll try to compare language and meta-thinking with meta-programming, we'll look for similarities in DSLs and linguistic determinism, and how it all fits together when creating art, shaping matter, and making software using computers, with varying degrees of human involvement.

This will be open talk, hopefully leaving you with more questions than answers.

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