May 18-20, 2016 Warsaw, Poland

Todd Motto

JavaScript and Angular dev and trainer

Todd is a front-end engineer from England working as a Developer Advocate at Telerik. Founder of Voux, a project to bring JavaScript and Angular training to developers all around the world through online and workshop training. He’s also a Developer Expert at Google, conference speaker and open source evangelist.

Co-created Conditionizr (.NET Magazine’s Open Source Project of the Year finalist), partnered with Intel and Rolling Stone to bring an HTML5 experience to life.

Taking over the web platform with Angular 2

Thursday, 15:15

  • AngularJS
  • Frameworks

Exploring the Angular 2 platform. Component architecture, one-way dataflow, routing, Web Components and how Angular 2 is pushing the limits of the web platform. We'll also take a look at server-side rendering in Angular 2, as well as WebWorker bootstrapping and how we can write mobile code with Angular 2.

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