May 18-20, 2016 Warsaw, Poland

Speaking at Front-Trends

Front-Trends is held annually in Warsaw, Poland since 2010. The event is on a single-track and spans three full days in May.

To make it possible, Front-Trends carefully organizes each speaker’s trip and stay, so that you can focus on delivering a great talk and enjoying time with the front-end community.

Speaker’s Perks

  • We organize your roundtrip itinerary (i.e. plane/train ticket)
  • We book and cover your stay in Warsaw
  • We chauffeur your inter-city travel (airport, hotel and venue)
  • Speakers’ payment

What We Expect

  • Fresh content packed into a well-prepared and well-rehearsed talk that fits within a 30-minute time slot, including Q&A.
  • Topics can range from the inspirational, technical, and exciting, to experimental, live-coding, interactive sessions. It’s up to you which direction you want to take the audience—Front-Trends is flexible and open to a wide variety of relevant topics.

Event Overview

Three full days, May 18-20 (W, Th, F) on a single track. 6-8 talks per day. Lightning talks and discussion panels are also placed throughout the schedule depending on interest.

The audience is comprised mainly of intermediate-to-advanced web developers working in JavaScript and UI developers (HTML, CSS), front-end agencies, UX and UI designers, front-end team leads, etc. from all over the world.

Conducted in English. Keep up to date with the schedule for exact time slots.

Hints from the Organizers

Whether you become a Front-Trends speaker or not, the tips below will be useful for any speaking gig in the future.


Never depend on the conference Wi-Fi connection. Live coding and demoing is tricky. Once you’ve lost your flow, it’s difficult to recover. Yet, there are amazing examples of live coding sessions. Just make sure you have a backup plan offline, and prepare screencasts that can be rapidly switched to if you encounter problems.

Provide enough contrast in your slides, use reasonable amount of text, and keep it big and bold. We’ll display them on a big, bright and sharp LED screen, but if you’re thinking of reusing your content on other occasions, it’s good to use the general rule of presentation slides.

Whenever possible, send your presentation before the event and ask the organizers to test your slides or equipment on stage at the venue. It’s an easy way to prevent any catastrophic failures and get comfortable before the real thing.

On the Stage

Be prepared for a lot of light. Depending on the conditions, you may or may not be able to see the audience well (or at all). There are techniques that will help you prepare for that situation. We’ll illuminate the audience and reduce the brightness of the stage lights for Q&A sessions.

At Front-Trends, you will use a wireless headset microphone, which gives you the most freedom on the stage, and also provides the best quality sound for the audience (both present at the event and online). Once set up by our technical team, you can forget about the mic, and focus on your talk. There will always be someone to help you at the stage, if any technical problems occur.

You can find a lot of useful presenting tips online. When speaking to a large audience at a professional event like Front-Trends, the following may come in handy:

Final Thought

Please remember Front-Trends has a Code of Conduct and while we haven’t encountered any issues with conduct since first launching in 2010, we really mean what it says.

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By sponsoring Front-Trends, you'll reach thousands of professional web developers (both at the event and online once videos are posted).

Check out our sponsorship opportunities or get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information.