May 18-20, 2016 Warsaw, Poland

Become a Sponsor

Front-Trends sponsorship is a great way to get visibility, leads, recruits or exhibit among the professional web dev community.

Our Audience & Segmentation

Professional Segmentation

  • 50% — Corporate and Agency Development
  • 20% — Tech Team Leads and Project Managers
  • 20% — Freelance Developers
  • 10% — Business Development

Front-Trends is Sold-Out every year to a crowd of 450+ professional web lovers who build the future face of the web. Hundreds of thousands more have watched Front-Trends talks online.

Stuff You Can Do With Sponsorships

We’re flexible with however you want your sponsorship to look, feel and work. From recruiting, to brand visibility, web traffic, demos, conversions and more – we’ll help you choose a custom fit to get the most out of sponsoring Front-Trends.

Booth Space

Best For: Recruiting, Marketing, Products, Networking

Starts From: Gold

Having booth space is one of the best ways connect with the Front-Trends audience. Meet attendees face-to-face in your own branded space over the 3-day event.

Previous booth ideas included video game stations, lounge hammocks, competitions, hackathons, giveaways, testing devices and treats.

Social Media and Online Visibility

Best For: Leads, Traffic, Conversions, Visibility, Social Media

Starts From: Silver

Did you know Front-Trends talks have been viewed over 450,000 times in only the last year? We include our sponsors in that reach by placing your brand at the beginning or end of each talk. In addition, Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, and announcements are made by Front-Trends for every one of our sponsors. We also have an exclusive video sponsor opportunity which offers exclusive placement on our video content with millions of views since 2010.

Harry Roberts photo

Food & Party

Best For: Brand Loyalty, Social Media, Networking, Visibility

Starts From: Gold

Front-Trends has 4 distinct opportunities during breaks that are exclusive to each company: Breakfast, Lunch, Party and Speakers’ Dinner. It’s a chance to brand parts of Front-Trends exclusively, or even meet the organizer and speakers during the exclusive Speakers’ dinner, which takes place the night before the conference. Photographs and video recordings are taken during each segment we send you the digital media package after the event.

Swag and Digital Goods

Best For: Brand Loyalty, Visibility, Social Media, Leads

Starts From: Silver

We encourage all sponsors to give out stuff to our attendees, but non-essentials can lead to conference-clutter. Sponsor swag in a practical, long-lasting way, by putting your logo on Front-Trends Tote Bags, Lanyards, Badges, Mugs, Travel Gear or Electronics. You can also offer digital vouchers, flyers, bring or ship your company banners, offer T-shirts, and much much more.

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Live Event Visibility

Best For: Recruiting, Brand Loyalty, Visibility, Traffic

Starts From: Silver

During the event, your brand will be visible no matter what level of sponsorship. Whether it’s your logo, video ad, or banner on the main stage, or part of our photo-walls (both digital and physical). We take care of your physical visibility and any other logistics that get you in the perfect spot to maximize presence.

Speaker Talk

Best For: Visibility, Social Media, Traffic

Starts From: Silver (lightning talk), Gold (main talk)

Your sponsorship can also lead to a lightning-talk, a shorter version of our main talks. We’re adamant that every Front-Trends segment is filled with valuable content, not pitchy marketing talks. However, the web and mobile has many companies and employees that can share their valuable work, and a sponsored talk is the perfect way to get your organization recognized while blowing the minds of the Front-Trends audience.

Pricing Levels and Benefits

Whether you’re a smaller business or a large company, we’ve created pricing levels that have worked year after year with our partners. While the pricing tiers aren’t negotiable, everything beyond that point is fully customizable.

By sponsoring Front-Trends, you'll reach thousands of professional web developers (both at the event and online once videos are posted). Get in touch with us at [email protected] for more information.